This blog is about me changing. I have met so many amazing women in my life and have been so inspired by them. I want to be like that. I feel like I am looking down a long road but it is the most important road of my life. I am a new wife and now a mother. If there is ever a time to change it is now...


No amount of money is more valuable

The other day Freddy insisted he did not need to take nap. 5:30 rolls around and he is dead to the amount of coaxing can snap him out of the deep sleep. Finally I am able to revive him a little after 7pm. By this time of course, any hope of him going to bed at all is gone. Burgess arrives home from work a little after 9pm. I tell him Freddy needs to play really hard if we want any sleep tonight. After a short while of jumping on the bed Freddy gets bored so Burgess decides to take him to the grocery store that is open late and let him run up and down every isle...I think that is a great idea.

Peace and quiet.

A while later I hear them making their way back into the building and up the stairs to the door of our apartment. There is a short pause and then slowly the door opens and my three year old walks in, head held high, proudly presenting me with a bouquet of flowers. I am so surprised that I barely have to exaggerate my reaction for Freddy's benefit. I scoop him up and tell him I love the flowers and thank him over and over and shower him with kisses and hugs. Then we sit and talk about the flowers. Their colors and their leaves and Freddy reminds me that these are NOT for eating. Then we take turns smelling them and comment on how beautiful the flowers smell to us. We are having a great time but I can't help but want to shower my husband with kisses and hugs as well.

No matter whose idea it was to bring home flowers for mama I know that Burgess is responsible. Freddy has seen him bring home flowers for me countless times since he was born. He has seen Burgess fill the house with flowers for me...scattering them throughout the house or putting a small but beautiful bouquet in each room. Freddy sees his dad kiss me right before he leaves and first thing when he comes home. He witnesses his dad rub my back, help me with chores and listen to me go on and on about this and that. Freddy is learning each and every day how to be the perfect husband for some girl just as his dad is the perfect husband to me.

I'm sure Burgess questioned buying those flowers. It's not a special occasion and we surely are NOT made of money...we question even buying things that we really need. But I'm so glad Burgess didn't listen to the logic in his brain telling him we can't afford to buy flowers. The lesson is far more valuable than the money we would have saved.

Thank you Burgess for not only being the perfect husband....but the perfect father. I love you.


stephanie and sean said...

oh this makes my heart swell! there is something so special about seeing something colorful and full of life in your home. how amazing it must be to be surrounded with such wonderful boys!

AJ and Cindy said...

I loved this post. so much! What a sweet moment, and awesome for you to realize how much "more" the flowers really meant. You are a great mom!

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