This blog is about me changing. I have met so many amazing women in my life and have been so inspired by them. I want to be like that. I feel like I am looking down a long road but it is the most important road of my life. I am a new wife and now a mother. If there is ever a time to change it is now...


Another Boy

I'm starting my fourth day as a mother of two. So far, so good....and weird.

I didn't really know how it would feel to all of the sudden have two children. Honestly, it's wonderful but so strange. Freddy is still my Freddy boy and I love him so much but now I have another boy.

I have another special and sweet tiny little baby to take care of, love and get to know.

It has been so fun to see Freddy take on the role as big brother.

It has been so tender to see my husband take on the responsibility of another child.

It has been an honor to birth, nourish and nurture my newest boy while continuing to love, teach and nurture my big boy.


AJ and Cindy said...

isn't it so great and amazing to add another to the family? it's a feeling like none other :) I think we need to take a pic of our two babes together, the size difference would be hilarious to see :)

stephanie and sean said...

AMY! CONGRATULATIONS! I read about your sweet birth story on your hypnobirth blog and am so elated that you had such a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I am full of wonder at how absolutely incredible you are, and my heart feels so full when I think of how sweet your life is right now. There is something so precious and sacred about brand new life, and being able to take part in it is such a gift! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm so grateful that you are all happy and healthy and thriving! Henrick is so perfect, and Freddy looks like such a great big brother. I'm sending lots of loving thoughts your way. Please kiss those brand new baby cheeks for me!

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